The UN is making every effort with international partners, to support the education sector in Lebanon and ensure continuity of education for all children (Statement attributable to Mrs. Najat Rochdi, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator)

“For the future of Lebanon and its children, it is critical that the Lebanese Government and all stakeholders work together to rebuild the education system.

With the vital support of international partners, UN agencies in Lebanon have been providing significant support to the entire Education sector. We are aware of the difficult situation that teachers are facing and are supporting the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to improve the conditions in schools for both teachers and children. We acknowledge the dedication and commitment of teachers to their students. The economic situation and the financial external environment are extremely challenging, and along with UNICEF, we have been advocating for the best interest of the teachers and the children.

Every day, UN agencies are working closely with the Ministry of Education and Higher education and partners to ensure that the contracted teachers’ entitlements are fully paid; However, we are still waiting for the documents and data to be provided to UNICEF from the Ministry in order to pay the second shift teachers for hours completed so far in School Year 21/22. As such, UN agencies and International Community do not have any responsibility in the delay. It is critically important that the education of children is not jeopardized, and that we keep schools open.

Together with UNICEF and through generous funding from the European Union and Germany, we are supporting the enrolment of 336,000 Lebanese and approximately 198,000 Non-Lebanese children in the formal public school system.

During the 21/22 scholastic year and to support the safe school reopening, UNICEF together with donor partners has provided School Fund top-ups for every school, health and hygiene supplies, fuel, books and stationery benefitting all children in public formal education, no matter who they are, or what their nationality.

The concerned UN agencies and the international community are committed to providing the support, so that every vulnerable child living in Lebanon has access to quality education”.