UN Secretary-General's message for the International Day For World Youth Skills Day (15 July 2023)

In every corner of the world, young people face a whirlwind of change — technological advancements, a rapidly changing job market, demographic shifts, climate challenges, and learning losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Equipping young people with quality education, training and skills is essential. This World Youth Skills Day reminds us that teachers stand at the forefront of this great global effort.

We must ensure that teachers gain the education and professional development opportunities they need as they help young people make the transition from school to the workplace. I recently launched the High-Level Panel on the Teaching Profession to provide recommendations to help achieve this.

And we need to dramatically scale-up investment in education and training systems and technologies worldwide so teachers can provide inclusive and flexible learning opportunities for young people no matter where they live.

Humanity’s future depends on the boundless energy, ideas and contributions of young people. On this day, and every day, let’s stand with teachers as they, in turn, help young people gain the education and skills required to shape a better, more sustainable future for us all.