UN Secretary-General's statement on the International Day of Labour

In many countries around the world, today is a day to celebrate workers.  This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic unfolding around us, we are truly seeing workers who too often toil unseen.

Perhaps as never before, we recognize the role that essential workers play in keeping our societies functioning — getting food to tables and markets, keeping public transportation running, and – of course – ensuring the operation of our hospitals and health systems.

We are also reminded of the enormous toll that the pandemic is taking on the global workforce.  As the International Labour Organization reported this week, the global workforce will be hit with the equivalent of the loss of more than 300 million jobs.

As we seek to build back better in the wake of this pandemic, the wellbeing of people must be at the centre of economic and social policies with a special focus on who are being furthest left behind.

We can build a fair globalization rooted in equality, sustainability and justice.  The pathway is by honouring the dignity of work not only in words, but deeds —not only once a year, but every day.