Ministry of Information to launch training courses for media professionals as part of joint plan with UNESCO


A virtual Zoom meeting was held on Wednesday between Caretaker Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, and Communication & Information Officer at UNESCO, George Awad. 

The meeting discussed the launch of training courses for media professionals, touching on modern topics that keep pace with modern technologies, including media coverage in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, awareness on the virus and the vaccine, news coverage ethics, hate speech, as well as combating rumors and fake news.

Abdel Samad praised the ongoing cooperation between the Ministry of Information and UNESCO. She pointed out the importance of conducting training courses for media professionals on a regular basis, especially in times of crises. 

Abdel Samad shone light on three basic points in the upcoming training courses between both sides, namely the importance of taking into account that training courses cover current topics and basic modern skills, identifying the targeted trainees, and selecting prominent local and international figures and media professionals to carry out the training mission.