RHUH, UN Lebanon and partners urge individuals and sectors to abide by preventive measures to contain the alarming spread of the coronavirus


The Director of Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH), Dr Firass Abiad, together with doctors, nurses and technical staff from the Corona Team, have joined forces with UN Lebanon and partners in sounding the alarm on the disturbing increase of COVID-19 cases in Lebanon, and in urging all individuals and sectors to abide by  preventive measures.

“Hospitals in Lebanon will soon reach their full capacity, both in terms of beds in intensive care units and respirators,” said Dr. Abiad. “We can contain the coronavirus, but we must take urgent action. The preventive measures are simple, yet we still see so many people not maintaining safe distances, wearing a mask under their nose, not wearing a mask at all, or telling others that the coronavirus does not exist. Unfortunately, COVID-19 does exist and is infecting over 1,000 people in Lebanon every day. We need to stop it, and we ask people to work with us and help us stop the spread of the virus”, he emphasized.

October 6th, only 20% of ICU beds remained available in Lebanon and 424 people had already lost their lives, out of 46,918 cumulative cases . Social gatherings of all kind, such as weddings, funerals, crowds at bars and restaurants or elsewhere; and public facilities providing essential services – including laboratories, pharmacies, clinics and some hospitals — are places where the risk of spread and infection is high, and preventive measures should be applied by everyone.