UN agencies applaud Kuwait's anti-corruption cooperation

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Representatives of the United Nations, the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) appreciated the efforts of the Kuwaiti government to promote transparency and combat corruption in collaboration with their agencies.

Kuwait is one of the countries that have taken important measures to manage the ongoing pandemic by mobilizing the necessary resources to face the health crisis, avoid global economic collapse and ward off a potential recession, they said a joint statement.

The statement, marking the International Anti-Corruption Day, was issued on Wednesday by the Office of the Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Resident Coordinator to Kuwait Dr. Tarek El-Sheikh.

"In taking such emergency measures, some states may have relaxed safeguards by trading off compliance, oversight and accountability for quick response and achievement of rapid impact. "Thus, creating unprecedented great opportunities for corruption," according to the statement.

Corruption associated with the public health sector disrupts all stages of an effective health care system: procurement and distribution, management of food supply chains and sanitation, as well as research and development. Therefore, this year's International Anti-Corruption Day campaign will focus on measures to reduce the risks of mismanagement and corruption without compromising the speed and flexibility required by the health crisis, while ensuring a comprehensive recovery, the statement noted.